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Gatenby Mains and Drains


  1. Drain Clearance and Maintenance
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    Drain maintenance is essential for an efficient flow to your drains
  2. Water Main Replacement
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    Ridding you of those old lead and galvanised steel pipes for new MDPE
  3. Emergency Call Out for Drains and Burst Mains
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    Available 24 hrs for Emergency situations
  4. Gutter Clearances
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    Removing leaves and silt to create a free flowing gutter system
  5. Soak Away Installation
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    Replacing old for new, with load bearing crates designed to hold a larger volume of water
  6. Acco Drain/Gully Installation
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    Removing water from low spots in your garden/driveway
  7. Drain CCTV Survey
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    Providing evidence of the condition of your drains
We provide many services to maintaining your properties efficiency, for details please do not hesitate to call us.
With highly competitive rates we are always checking to make sure we are amongst the cheapest in the area, yet we do not compromise on workmanship which is always ensured to a high standard.
With moling technologies we fit our water mains with the least disruption as possible, for a quick and hassle free installation. For more information on water main installation and a free quotation please contact us on 07472 811 183.